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BWF manufacture to meet the criteria of our BOPAS Accreditation, ISO standards and the client requirements for the specified product, To earn these accreditations and the good reputation that BWF have for quality requires a very skilled workforce, a close relationship with the design team and continuous development through the quality management system.

BWF employ local people within a 10 mile radius and have a good reputation for the quality of products and the fair respectful employment of diverse staff. We also maintain and enjoy excellent long lasting supply chain relationships with local subcontractors and material suppliers.

Inside the factory the main component is the excellent team that adapt to each project with a professional approach and full understanding of efficiency and quality management systems. The manufacturing supervisors have a good relationship with the technical support and design management, feeding back as critical friends to ensure continuous development and closer working relationships.

BWF have a number of trainees and operate in house training for young people with an aptitude for practical skills and other areas of working in an offsite factory or office.

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