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Our consultancy services will provide a clear picture of the right way to deliver your project, demonstrating the various options, the risks and benefits of each option and advising on which option to follow. This can look like a simple procedure, but this requires years of experience delivering MMC to sites around the UK, to fully understand all of the implications. Our consultancy begins with the site and product appraisal, where we evaluate the delivery routes, ground conditions, weight of the units and size of the units. As you can imagine the size, weight and position are all affected by the ground conditions for the crane or hiab. It is always best to seek advice on modular builds from a good manufacturer with lots of experience before starting the architectural design, as a simple adjustment here or there can save a small fortune

A quick and abbreviated example would be if your modules are over 3.5m wide, an attendant is required for transport adding between £500 and £1,000 to every delivery and if they are too long to get two on one lorry, or the roads and entrance have tight bends then we may have one on a shorter lorry and another unit on a drag trailer, potentially saving thousands on each delivery. We also have to consider cranes, building weights, building materials and performance required, the engineering of the structure to be stable in manufacture, transportation and its permanent position or if it needs to be moved again. These are all dealt with in our site appraisals, so if you have any doubts and have a project ready then please get in touch.

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